Excellent quality food and great customer service all hidden away in this little gem.

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Wow!! What a nice surprise!!!

Stopped in here with my mom to grab a few Chicken Kaati rolls to go and the young man working behind the counter was so kind and helpful with our take out order.

We ordered 4 chicken Kaati rolls, curly fries, waffle fries, onion rings, and a mango milkshake.

The Chicken Kaati rolls were fantastic!!! First bite is like a flavor explosion in your mouth!  Omg these things are so damn good and spicy just the way I like it. I’m officially hooked!! The bread (paratha) they use for the rolls were so soft and chewy. The Chicken inside the rolls were marinated and grilled perfectly.

I cant wait to go back and try some of their other meat and vegetarian Kaati rolls. They also offer burritos, tacos, quesadillas, chicken/beef/veg burgers, and so much more.

Amazing fresh food, outstanding customer service, cozy/clean dinning area, and convenient take out options.. You can count me in 🙂

Luke K.

This is an EXCELLENT establishment. The food is very reasonably priced and delicious! Better yet, everyone there is super courteous!  Planning on coming back here soon, perhaps tmrw 🙂

Seriously, if you’re looking for a great, casual place to eat, here would be it! I would highly encourage you to try it!


This is the only halal Mexican food place on LI & I highly recommend it. The food is very much like homemade. Great food & service. Will definitely be going back.


Wonderful and welcoming Owner and Staff! The Owner himself who is the Master chef, had found about one of my family members being Lactose Intolerant,  he and his staff went out of their way to assist with it and made sure our first experience, doesn’t take the wrong in terms of health issues. The food is freshly made and cooked , The tacos we’re very crunchy and everything within marinated perfect. Also the Wings are very delicious and Katti rolls perfectly crafted, not overly sautéed or sauced . The ambience of the restaurant is very nice and contemporary designed. Finally the best part which majority of all restaurants lack a clean bathroom, it was nice and clean met Muslim requirements. Wonderful people and the experience was great , I’m sure others will experience the same without a Doubt! Best of luck guys, wish you the best!

Jaseem S.

About Us

Desi Fire Grill is a family owned business that was founded on two main principles – excellent quality fresh food and excellent customer service. Our goal is to have a reputation as a quality eatery and we are focused on building a brand with exceptional service.

Quality – We provide our customers with fresh hand made parathas made on the spot for all our Kaati Rolls. Our burgers are all fresh meat patties – never the processed frozen burgers that you’ll find elsewhere – we guarantee it. Our Halal Mexican was introduced to fill a gap in available Halal Mexican. Most importantly – all our meats are Zabiha Halal.

Customer Service – We have instructed all our employees to immediately let us know of any customer feedback so that we can improve every day. This is not your typical Desi Restaurant – we take customer service very seriously and every comment or feedback provided by our customers is sent to the owner who personally contacts our customers.

Zabiha Halal – We have partnered with Senat Poultry and ENA as our meat supplier. We are happy to provide further information to any customers that have further questions.

Our customer is our most important asset. We look forward to serving you.

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